We're on a mission

And we’re looking for the right people to help us accomplish it. We value unique contributions and actively welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

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The Ajackus Culture

We refer to everyone as team members and not employees; that’s where our company culture starts, cause it is not about the company, but about you.

Our culture includes happy clients and engaged team members. We offer continuous opportunities to grow to everyone with incredible Karmic structure. We believe we only succeed when each team member is involved and engaged. We have a positive culture that supports a philosophy of transparency so that every team member knows where they stand, where the company is headed, and in general, they feel “in the loop.”

Ajackus Culture

At Ajackus

We want each team member to spark their creativity, stir their hearts, and inject fresh ideas into their work life. Explore their thinking, dream big, forge an excellent career path with clear priorities. Nurture your unique skills, talents, passions, and knowledge. Conquer your fear and insecurities. Learn to utilize your time better. Be an asset to the company and stand out in the tech industry. We want you to learn and grow. Come and join the team of extraordinary warriors that achieve unprecedented results, and drive massive innovation.

Join Our Team

Be part of our story through design, build and support IT systems and apps for clients worldwide. We hire individuals who will lead by example and are ready to grow.

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